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Ogden FamilySearch Library Website

Family History is one of the most popular hobbies in the world and many of the hobbyists do not know why they are drawn to it. Others involved in family history see it as a sacred quest.
The mission of the Ogden FamilySearch Library is to assist all those who are interested in family history, for whatever reason, to be able to have a place, tools, training and personal assistance in pursuing their research quest or hobby. This Website is designed to provide an orderly and time saving approach to their research efforts. The Website is an evolving project, because the family history software, research websites and related tools are spinning forward faster than we can keep up with it. We hope that people from around the world will access it and find research value in using it.

We welcome recommendations to improve or to add research sites, and techniques etc. to our website. Recommendations can be given simply by either talking to a center administrator or by formally writing out your ideas and submitting them to the library office.

Contact Information:

Ogden FamilySearch Library

Email: Emil Hanson

Phone: (801)626-1132

FAX: (801)626-1129

Mail: 539 East 24th Street

Ogden, Utah 84401