07_Involving Youth in Family History from Research to the Temple

Involving Youth in Family History from Research to the Temple

Promises to Keep – Family History Today

“And he shall plant in the hearts of the children the promises made to the father, and the hearts of the children shall turn to their fathers.” D&C 2:2

It’s all on: familysearch.org – Sign In or Create an Account

From the front page you can:

Create a Fan Chart, Photos, Family Tree, Search, Indexing, and Live Help

(For youth wanting to ‘play’ as a game, there are points in parenthesis for each section. See how high you score!)

Fan Chart- Click ‘Create now’. It will make a 4-generation fan chart.  Click on a name & view tree to create a fan chart from that person, or click on a person & click ‘pedigree’ to see them on the pedigree. Photos/Stories- Click on a name in your pedigree, click on ‘View Person’ and then click on ‘Photos’, ‘+ Add Photo’, ‘Upload +, find your picture and click on it.  It will appear with ‘Completed’ & a check marked box.  Then click on ‘Attach Photo’.  It will attach that photo to your person.  Click on stories & follow steps. (100 points for every photo you find, 500 for every one you add. 200 for every story you read.) Family Tree- This is the pedigree for the whole human family, and you can find yourself in it.  You may need to connect yourself up to it by adding a live person until you connect to someone who has died. Click on any name on the pedigree to see “The Card”.  From this card you can: See birth & death dates & place, when temple work was done, and can view ‘Tree’ or ‘Person’.
  • Tree brings that person into a ‘bow tie’ position.  The person’s children can be seen on the left and the ancestors to the right. Hover over the person with a mouse to see: ordinance information, All spouses (to the left), Children (on the bottom), Other parents (to the right). The tree can be expanded in either direction by clicking on the black box to the left or right of person.
  • Person – It is from here further details will be found about the person, with spouse and children, and with parents and siblings, photos, stories, sources, clear temple work, fix mistakes, and add information.  Click on ‘Search’ (above name) to find other people, or ‘Watch List’ for notification of anyone changing information on this person.  This is the heart of where work will be done. Click and explore everywhere! (100 for every person you completely explore, 200 for information corrected)
Search-This allows a person to be found from billions of names from hundreds of different records. When a record is found, it is easily attached to the person on the pedigree:  Click on name at the left, Click on ‘Add to My Source Box’ & OK, go to the person & click on ‘sources’ (under the name), Click on ‘Go to Source Box’, click ‘attach’ on the record just found. At the upper left, click on ‘Go to the person’, look at the sources & it should be there. Click on the source and a dropdown box appears. Click on ‘tag’ and check the information that applies to the record. Have fun attaching sources to your grandparents and others.  There are many sources right on line waiting to be discovered.  If more correct information is found in a source, click on the information to be changed in the Vital Information, click on ‘edit’, make the change and then source it! (100 for every source found, 200 for every source you attach) Indexing-Volunteer to index records making them available on line to easily research (500 per batch) Live Help-Help is available through email, live chats, and videos to learn about doing Family History. In upper right corner: ‘Get Help’, ‘Help Center’, ‘Product Support’ and click on a short video about all the things covered. Another excellent site: http://familysearchtraining.com/


To clear names for the temple: Click on the green arrow by the temple icon above the name on the pedigree. Follow the procedures, being very careful to check for all possible duplicates.


“Their hearts are bound to you. Their hope is in your hands.” – Henry B. Eyring, 2005