Family History-Started Writing yet?


For those of you who are leaving your family history to do when you are “older”, have you ever thought of the following:

  • None of us knows the length of time that we’ll be here.
  • It’s a tough sell for folks to admit that they have arrived at “old”.
  • The body tends to be less cooperative– vision, arthritis, etc. can be a problem.
  • Medical & financial issues can become such a burden that travel is curtailed.
  • Opportunities to gain needed skills and knowledge have been passed up for years.
  • The mind may not function as effectively as it once did. This leads to incorrectly linked families.
  • Financial & mental ability to keep abreast of technology adequately for the research & input adds difficulty.
  • It’s tough to gain a testimony of an area that is not practiced, and even harder to share that with descendants.
  • People who know pertinent information for our research will die or have mental challenges while we wait for “that season” in our lives.
  • In some areas, more records are becoming available, but in others, they are being withdrawn from circulation and/or sealed.

Now is the time for Family History, not later!

Sheri Lynn Lemon

Logan Utah Regional Family History Center