The Church recommends that families be organized into research and
planning units so that there is a concerted and coordinated effort in
fulfilling our mission to our dead. Individuals working alone will
expend energy needlessly while duplicating research that another
family member has already done. We recommend that families meet
together and appoint a mature leader who will bring the family
together as often as necessary to review what has been done and what
research yet needs to be done without duplicating work.

The FamilySearch Library has a large meeting room that will hold up to seventy
people. The room has a computer, projector/screen and a white board,
the room is nicely decorated and is primarily used for staff training
meetings. The center administration is willing to let families
schedule the room for family reunions free of charge. Family
representatives should contact anyone of the administrative directors
in order to make arrangements for using the room.

Please call (801) 626-1132 to make arrangements.


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