Library Facilities and Accomodations

  The Ogden FamilySearch Library is currently divided between two Buildings: East Building:  East Bldg Class Rooms: There are sufficient computers to accomdate the needs of patrons of the Ogden Area. All rooms are furnished with an instructor's taeching station. Besides the computer class rooms, Room #12 is a large lecture room with the capacity to hold 70 people. There is also a photo finishing and film copying/scanning room. The administrative Office is also located in the East Building. West Building: West Bldg Class Rooms: There are computers in the West Bldg also. There are also 50,000 Micro Films, 11,000 Books of which the majority are in the process of being digitized. There are currently 3 Microfilm Readers. The West Building also houses the Library Book Digitizing Center: This Center digitizes books from the Main Church Library, and from other Church libraries and smaller centers. The Library Book Bindery and Manual preparation center is also located in the West Building. Back to Home page Top of Page