Library Services

INDIVIDUAL ASSISTANCE: All members of the staff are trained to assist patrons, or find the help that they need. We have specialists that work with patrons in foreign research, who can help patrons understand how to research most countries in the world.
Courses are regularly scheduled for computer instruction, foreign research, internet research, Roots Magic, and other third-party applications certified by the Church. There are many courses, such as Census Research,  Family Tree, etc.

Staff Specialties: Call for assistance: 801-626-1132

Assistance with Languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Irish, Scottish, French, German, Greek, Latin, Norwegian, Russian/Ukraine, Sign Language, Spanish, and Swedish

Societies to Assist with Research in Foreign Countries

Foreign Research Society Leads:
  • NETHERLANDS -Netherlands Don Koldewyn (801) 399-4983
  • BRITISH ISLES -UJ Barbara Lewis (801) 391-1604

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