Library Staff and Volunteers

Brother & Sister Johnson
Brother & Sister Johnson
Stephen Felt
Associate Director
Training and Instruction
Vern Clark
Associate Director
Vicki Nef
Associate Director
Sister Abbott
Office Secretary
Pamela Nelson Office Assistant
George Howell Financial Clerk
Shift Supervisors: Monday Shift one: William Moody Monday Shift two:
Tuesday Shift one: Janet Bender Tuesday Shift two: Max McDonald Tuesday Shift three: Fred Moore
Wednesday Shift one: Becki Syme Wednesday Shift two: Walton Summers Wednesday Shift three: Keith Billings
Thursday Shift one: Al Harris Thursday Shift two: Reed Scothern Thursday Shift three: Wanda Ney
Friday Shift one: Joanne Christensen Friday Shift two: Robert Mallory
Saturday Shift one: Scott M. Berry Saturday Shift two: Terri Aranich
Cashiers: Susan Wright
CSM The Ogden FSL Center will have 120 people serving as Missionaries who are constantly training on all the new and exciting tools being developed for family history research. We invite you to come and be a part of this world wide effort to help join the 'families of man' together.
Staffed by Church Service Missionaries CSM
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