Library Staff and Volunteers

Directors: David & Cindy Erickson David & Cindy Erickson  
Associate Directors:
Personnel - Sam Jorgenson SamJ
Training and Instruction - Stephen Felt Felt
Administration - Vicky Neff
Scanning Manager - Shelley Jepperson
Office Secretary: Dianne Jones
Office Assistant: Pamela Nelson
Financial Clerk: George Howell

Shift Supervisors:
Monday Shift one: William Moody Monday Shift two: Dixie Abbott
Tuesday Shift one: Joseph Gertge Tuesday Shift two: Max McDonald Tuesday Shift three: Fred Moore
Wednesday Shift one: Becki Syme Wednesday Shift two: Walton Summers Wednesday Shift three: Keith Billings
Thursday Shift one: Al Harris Thursday Shift two: Reed Scothern Thursday Shift three: Wanda Nay
Friday Shift one: Joanne Christensen Friday Shift two: Robert Mallory
Saturday Shift one: Scott M. Berry Saturday Shift two: Terri Aranich
Cashiers: Susan Wright

The Ogden FSL has nearly 330 people serving as Volunteers and/or Missionaries who are constantly training on all the new and exciting tools being developed for family history research. We invite you to come and be a part of this world wide effort to help join the 'families of man' together.

TO VOLUNTEER, Please call: 801-626-1132 and ask for Brother Sam Jorgensen. SamJ Back to Home page
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