Ogden FamilySearch Library

The Ogden FamilySearch Library is a facility sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to help people learn more about their ancestors.

The Library’s mission is to assist patrons to research ancestors and assemble information from which biographies of ancestors can be written and names of their ancestors may be taken to the Temple

Ogden FamilySearch Library Objectives:

Right-pointing black triangle Educate, support, and assist patrons with their family history research.

Right-pointing black triangle Where possible, help all patrons readily identify and link their ancestors.

Right-pointing black triangle Assist members in qualifying and submitting names of ancestors for temple ordinance work.

Right-pointing black triangle Seek guidance from the spirit in all we do at the center.

Right-pointing black triangle Be continuously learning to perform the Lord’s Work more effectively and more efficiently.

Right-pointing black triangle Strive always to provide exceptional service to all those who seek our assistance.