The Ogden FamilySearch Library sponsors several Monthly and Annual Special Events:“And I promise you will be protected against the intensifying influence of the adversary as you participate and love this holy work (Family History). You will be safe guarded in your youth and throughout your lives.” (Elder David A.Bednar)
Annual Cemetery Tour – first part of June annually OCCObjective:  The 2018 family history walking tour of the Ogden City Cemetery will be held Saturday June 9th and Monday June 11th. Enter Ogden City Cemetery at Jefferson Ave & 20th Street. Tours will start at 5 P.M. and continue until 6:30 P.M. Early pioneers will be highlighted this year with descendants telling their stories. The tour is a great Saturday date night or Monday family Home Evening activity. If you have any questions: call 801-644-3234.Desired results:  We feel the tour has been very successful and we plan to continue it annually.
Group Requests: YOUTH, YOUNG SINGLE ADULTS & ADULTS: Groups and individuals (ages 12 – 108) may register to use Library computers to learn Indexing, Family Tree, Genealogy Merit Badge, research, adding photos and stories, finding temple names, or to design their own activity. Some Wards and even Stakes have held part of their youth conference at the Library. These activities usually last between 1 and 2 hours. Call 801-626-1132 to make a group reservation. The Library has a staff of over 200 Temple and Family History Consultants who are ready to assist.
2018 Family History  Detectives Training – Will be offered all year for Children ages 8 – 11 years old. They will learn how to become Family History Detectives in a fun, 2 hour interactive activity.DET
PRIMARY CHILDREN (ages 8 – 12)​are trained to become Family History  Detectives. They look for clues in a cemetery, on a computer, in a keepsake suitcase and keep an evidence folder. They also play ancestral games. When they return to the Library with their evidence folder complete, they receive a Family History Detective badge and certificate.
YOUTH may register for any of the following activities.
Adults who accompany the children can also buy the book and go thru this program with the children.
● INDEXING – Learn how to web index.
● FAMILY TREE – Build your pedigree to deceased ancestors. Participants must come with information about parents, grandparents and great grandparents.
● ADD MEMORIES (pictures, stories, documents) to your Family Tree. Download the Memory App to your mobile device.
● RESEARCH – Learn how to search for and attach source documents using FamilySearch Research Help.
● SCOUT Genealogy Merit Badge (2 sessions)
● TEMPLE NAMES – Learn to find ancestors who need temple ordinances.
● FAMILY HISTORY DETECTIVE TRAINING – This is a fun activity youth may want to try.
● SPECIAL REQUEST – Design your own activity.
Ogden FamilySearch Library OPEN HOUSE – July 10, 11, and 12.

Ogden Family History CONFERENCE – September 8, 2018 at Weber State University
Research Societies 
Objective: The Ogden FamilySearch Library currently has one Research Society (Netherlands) to assist patrons and staff in their efforts to research specific areas of the world.  Each Society determines their meeting schedule, which is shown under ‘Classes’. NetherlandsNorway Purpose: The purpose of each society is to assist members in researching their particular geographic region of interest, share websites that have demonstrated to be beneficial and share successes.
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