Table of Contents The Ogden FamilySearch Library sponsors several Monthly and Annual Special Events as listed below: 1. Family History Conference -9 September 2017

2. Lectures are held Quarterly where presenters spot light historical and family events from the greater Ogden area and beyond. Click Here for current Speaker Top of Page

3. Annual Cemetery Tour - first part of June annually OCC Objective:  The annual family history walking tour of the Ogden City Cemetery will be held first part of June annually. It will be conducted on 1st Avenue in the cemetery. Tours will start at 5 P.M. and continue until 6:30 P.M. Early pioneers will be highlighted this year with descendants telling their stories. The tour is a great Saturday date night or Monday family Home Evening activity. If you have any questions: call 801-644-3234. Desired results:  We feel the tour has been very successful and we plan to continue it annually. Top of Page

4. Stake and Ward Tours of the Library are scheduled nightly, where youth or adult groups are scheduled to visit the Library to tour the facility or schedule a specific training program taught by library instructors on any family history subject or subjects. Top of Page

5. NOW ENDED - Summer Activity - Begins the first week of June and runs through the second week of August. Top of Page

6. Research Societies  Objective: The Ogden FamilySearch Library currently has one Research Society (Netherlands) to assist patrons and staff in their efforts to research specific areas of the world.  Each Society determines their meeting schedule, which is shown under 'Classes'.
Purpose: The purpose of each society is to assist members in researching their particular geographic region of interest, share websites that have demonstrated to be beneficial and share successes.
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Eastman's Calendar of Genealogical Events Eastman's Newsletter recently announced the introduction of his new web site: The Calendar of Genealogy Events The purpose of the calendar is to provide information about nationwide Family History conferences, seminars, conventions, cruises, trips, and even online “webinars.” All information is to be provided by readers of the Eastman newsletter. Top of Page